The Skyline Therapy Team explains it all.

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If you’re like many people, you may be wondering if teletherapy (aka “virtual therapy” or "telehealth") is as effective as traditional, in person face-to-face therapy. In short, for most people the answer is yes. In many ways, teletherapy and in-person therapy are similar. Click here for our full-length blog on Teletherapy Effectiveness and What to Expect

What does the research say about the effectiveness of telehealth?

Research on video-based therapy services is relatively new but studies over the past ten years or so have shown that virtual therapy sessions can be as beneficial for clients as in-person services.

So far, research has shown similar positive outcomes for patients diagnosed with depression when they received CBT via teletherapy or in person (there was no significant difference) (Mohr et al, 2012). In fact, those that received teletherapy were less likely to drop out!  Research has also shown that clients on average tend to report similar levels of therapeutic alliance ( a positive relationship with their therapist), as well as similar overall levels of satisfaction with therapy when compared to in-person therapy treatments (Jenkins-Guarnieri, Pruitt, Luxton, & Johnson, 2015).

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